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What is Bravo Burgers?

The founder of Bravo Burgers came to the United States from a small island in Greece to make a better life for himself. Along the way to discovering his American dream he encountered his love and passion for cooking. After working for years in upscale restaurants throughout the Los Angeles area he developed the Bravo Burgers concept.

As is customary in Greece, where people dine with their large families, he wanted a family restaurant where everyone could come and eat. This is the exact reason for the very large size of our menu and our very reasonable prices! His experience dictated that people wanted to eat at a restaurant that served high-quality, fresh food in large quantities. And so was born, thirty years ago, the Bravo Burgers concept that lives on today in every bite you eat!

Bravo Burgers earth friendly packaging
At Bravo Burgers we are stewards of our shared environment.

We aspire to use only recyclable and biodegradable paper and plastic packaging to limit our effect on the earth.